Zumba – How Many Calories Does It Burn?

If you are into dance forms you might have heard about Zumba dancing. This type of dancing can be found in health clubs all over the world. In the event that you enjoy music and love Latin dance, then this could become your favorite workout to burn calories. How many calories does Zumba burn?

First, let’s take a look on why this dance is gaining popularity. Most people regard this as an exciting way to enhance their experiences during workout sessions. Latin music and other forms of international music are merged to create easy-to-follow dance moves, which result in a workout that is energizing and fun. The moves originate from styles such as belly dancing, samba, salsa, reggaeton, merengue, hip-hop and more. It’s not necessary to be a professional dancer or have good rhythm to carry out these steps.

Some of the Zumba classes will have flashing lights, as fun is the focal point while achieving fitness. During a class, the instructor will begin the moves and then everyone would follow. It’s not essential to carry out all the moves perfectly and you can also include your own style. It is possible to make your movements small or big as required to decrease or increase the intensity of your workout sessions. As a result, regardless of where you are in terms of fitness level, this workout could deliver the results that you desire.

How many calories does Zumba burn?

Similar to any other kind of aerobic workout, how much calories burned during a session is determined by the intensity of the training. Zumba usually burns up 500 to 800 calories for each sixty minute period, so it is a good way to burn body fat. You will also get to have fun and laugh a lot during the dance class, which is essential since stress is recognized to increase cortisol levels and eventually increase stomach fat. Whenever you are relaxed and having fun this will reduce your stress and cortisol levels!

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