Winter Wedding Entertainment – Dance Band Options for Formal Winter Weddings

The first dance with the groom is every girl’s dream. She’s contemplating the music, her gown, the lights, the hour of the day, and every perfect moment of the celebration she’ll remember for the rest of her life. She’ll remember this moment… Forever.

Big Band Style –

Yes, she’s dreaming of an orchestra playing, perhaps a full row of violins performing in harmony with backup music to carry the jubilant tune as she circles the room. She’s dreaming… But that’s the sound she’d prefer.

Consider having an option of Big Band Sound with a five to ten piece band? Would that be an option?

“The perfect answer” to her dream may be a talented, small swing group performing big band songs, featuring one or two Sinatra-style vocalists? If only they might select tunes from notable small groups such as, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, or Lester Young. Maybe, perhaps, the small swing group would perform tunes made famous by Ella Mae Morse, Peggy Lee, and a young Ella Fitzgerald?

A key component of those little girl dreams is the crooner style romance promised by the sound of brass and string combination bands. If she could only hear the violins play…

Modern Jazz –

Unlike Cinderella, today’s bride and groom may desire more beat and rhythm in their music. Jazz offers a traditional flair with rhythm, beat, and lively dance tunes performed with brass, and rich virtuoso piano accompaniment.

The opportunity to be entertained by an acclaimed arranger and orchestrator who has performed with such famous names as Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Henry Mancini, and Jack Jones. Any bride would be honored to have such outstanding talent perform on her special day, showcasing featured numbers, and bringing those rich melodious tones to her memorable occasion.

Classic Ensembles and Solo Acts –

Trending with the social fads of some traditional wedding styles is the classic, showcase talents of a concert pianist, or guitarist, or harpist. When the bride desires strolling strings, the elegance of music moving through the crowd, smaller groups, or duos may be perfect. A quartet of violins can offer particularly moving ambiance in a traditional setting.

Fulfilling the bride’s dreams, bringing her a memorable night after exchanging vows, and sending her off with her groom to relive the decadence of a remarkable wedding event is the goal. Meeting the expectations of guests, with an evening filled and overflowing with romance, elegance, and ambiance is a benefit.

What is your bride dreaming up?

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