Why Travel to Europe?

My first solo trip to Europe was in 1977…traveling to Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The European Euro was not launched until January 1999…I had to deal with…Swedish Krona…Danish Krone…Germany Mark…Italian Lira and Spanish Peseta. After 4 weeks in Europe, I returned to Los Angeles, California with a pocket full of five different foreign currencies and some varied and challenging experiences.

Over the past 30 years Europe has become the most favorite travel destination in the World. Modern technology and the European Union have created a very desirable climate for all travelers. There is a single currency as 22 European countries now use the Euro.

Europe….many travelers do not really understand or know the continent of Europe. It does not matter whether you pedal, fly or drive, you will find a convenient and exciting way to see Europe. One thing for sure, if this is your first trip to Europe, you will fall in love.

Europe has worked hard to make its territories and cities accessible to everyone. In addition, they have devoted considerable time and resources to ecology. If you would like to visit cities while riding a bicycle, you will find more of the major cities are renting bikes for hours or days, sometimes even on a “help yourself” basis.

Modern tramways are now becoming popular in places that had stopped using them. Large tourist areas are equipped with multilingual audio-guides, so you can enjoy your visits to historical or cultural sites without missing any details.

Hotels are following trends today such as offering internet connections and safes in their rooms. European travel has changed over the past years and is very friendly and enticing to foreign travelers.

Each country has its own influence based upon the historical backgrounds. There is so much variety in architecture, cuisine, customs, music, dress, dialect and language.

In the old days you could call your local travel agency while they searched for the best deals. Now, the internet is a great source of information and you can plan your own trips with great results. Most hotels in Europe have a website and fax. You can Google “Travel Guides” and find over 120,000,000 results. There are many billions of dollars spent each year in this industry alone.

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