Wedding Music – To Add an Up Beat to Your Wedding Ceremony Choose Big and Brass

When choosing music for the processional (the arrival of the bride and her walk up the aisle) and the recessional (the walk back down the aisle of the newly married couple) you need to think not just about what song or piece of music will best reflect your personalities and style as well as the style of your wedding, you also need to think about the instruments.

The majestic swelling sound of the organ has been the soundtrack for countless church wedding ceremonies, both in real life and on the big screen. But move the ceremony outside of the church and people tend to go soft and sweet, choosing a string quartet or a harp. Both are lovely but you need absolute quiet for the music to be heard and lets face it, people move, rustle, even talk. If the wedding is held outdoors the sound of string instruments dissipates and may not be heard by those farther away from the musicians.

For the entrance of the bride you will want music that is joyful, that from the first notes signals that something special is happening, music that proclaims She’s here. And for the walk back up the aisle you will want music that is both joyful and triumphant.

The instruments you choose can add so much to the excitement of those two moments.

The most popular classical music choices for weddings have one thing in common – brass instruments, specifically the trumpet:

  • The Prince of Denmark’s March”(Trumpet Voluntary in D major) by Jeremiah Clarke
  • Trumpet Tune and Air by Henry Purcell
  • Trumpet Voluntary byJohn Stanley
  • The Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin by Richard Wagner, commonly called “Here Comes the Bride” includes a trumpet in the original operatic version

These traditional wedding marches played by a string quartet are lovely, but add a bit of brass and something magic happens. The music seems more upbeat, almost happier.

So when choosing your musicians think brass quartet or a mix of strings and brass for magical music that lifts the spirits and expresses your joy.

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