Vienna – Capital of Culture

Vienna is more than just the political capital of Austria – it also serves as the country’s cultural center, showcasing some of Europe’s finest art and classical music.

Travelers staying in Vienna hostels will find themselves in the presence of memories of such historical greats as Beethoven and Mozart, who both called the baroque surrounds of the city their home.


However, great history exists in more than memory in Vienna, with the beautiful architecture preserving the city’s intriguing heritage amongst its ancient walls.

The Hofburg Imperial Palace stands as a tribute to the once powerful Habsburg dynasty and still serves as part of the grandiose residence of the Austrian Presidency.

Today, the large architectural triumph is divided into sections and is home to several historical museums including the Schatzkammer (treasury) and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Musical Heritage

Brahms, Schubert, Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart – the list of great names who have spent some of their most creative periods in Vienna is exceptional and the modern city has retained its musical appeal and quality.

Many hostels in Vienna are situated in the vicinity of some of the city’s most renowned musical venues, including the State Opera House, Academy Theatre and Musikverein Concert Hall, all of which date back beyond the 19th century to the classical era in which they made their name.

Vienna also goes to great lengths to help promote musical development, with organizations such as the Society of Music Friends, Vienna Boys Choir and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra all working in the context of the city’s prestigious heritage.

Classical music lovers will find there are few better destinations to experience this than in Austria’s capital, and a night out at one of the many rousing performances is sure to leave visitors satisfied when they return to their hostels in Vienna.

Art Galleries

Vienna’s cultural offerings do not end with music and architecture – the city is also home to a number of world-class galleries that celebrate the national art scene.

A number of works by Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, some of which were originally commissioned for display in the city’s public buildings, can be found in the Museum of Applied Arts and Belvedere.

Vienna’s Belvedere also has a collection by controversial 20th century artist, Egon Schiele, who was renowned for his private pornographic material as much as his major pieces.

Other major galleries in the city include the Museum of Applied Arts and the Moya Museum of Young Art.

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