The Success of British Bands: Past and Present

The 60’s (The Beatles, The Stones, The Who)

“The Beatles” became the most influential band of their time, and led music to a new era. Over the period of eight years, they achieved so much success; they became the stars of the century. The members of this band were from Liverpool, England. John Lennon, James Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star are still remembered for their impact on music. John Lennon was the leader of the band, and it was called Quarry Men on 6th July, 1957.

Alongside with “The Beatles”, another British rock band “The Rolling Stones” formed in 1962, at London. This band was formed by a group of men. These were; Mick Jagger (Lead vocalist and harmonica player), Brian Jones (a guitarist and harmonica player), Ian Stewart (Pianist), and lastly, Keith Richard (guitarist and vocalist). Through till the early 80s this band achieved international popularity and success. Over time, they did have problems and things kept falling apart. However, they never ceased to attract huge crowds to watch them perform.

“The Who” was also one of the greatest achievers of the 60’s. The band was created by the lead singer, guitarist and harmonica player Roger Daltry in 1964. Other members included; Keith Moon (drums and percussion), Pete Townshend (guitarist, keyboard player and vocalist) and John Entwistle (bass guitarist, brass player and vocalist). Their live performances were always energetic and their “so to say,” trademark was instrumental destruction.

Through the 90’s (Oasis, Take That and Radiohead)

“Oasis” is the band that became the idol of music in the 90’s. They were founded in 1991, as The Rain, and later renamed to Oasis. Liam Gallagher was the founder, vocalist and tambourine player. Others on the band were Paul Arthurs “Bonehead” (guitarist), Paul McGuigan “Guigsy” (bass guitar player) and Tony McCarroll (drummer and percussionist) and Noel Gallagher (lead guitarist and vocalist).

“Take That” comprised five singers from the UK. Howard Donald, Robbie William, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Gary Barlow were the most famous singers of their time. “Take That” also performed in 2000s. Their songs were dance oriented pop tunes and they won many awards and sold albums in millions.

“Radiohead” was formed in 1985, at Oxfordshire. The rock band comprised Ed O’Brien (guitarist, backing vocalist), Jonny Greenwood (guitarist, keyboards player, and other instruments), Thom Yorke (vocalalist, guitarist, and keyboard player), Phil Selway (drummer, percussionist) and Colin Greenwood (bass player). They produced songs that took music to a new dimension and into the 2000s.

2000’s and Today (Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Kasabian)

2000’s were all about “Coldplay tickets”, “Snow Patrol tickets” and “Kasabian” and their alternate rock music. Coldplay was formed at London in 1996, Snow Patrol at Northern Ireland in 1994 and Kasabian at Leicestershire in 1997. These bands still play for the youth and are loved by people in their teens, middle ages and late forties. Their live still always attract huge crowds even today. Tickets to their shows are always available at Live Ticket Exchange.

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