Shakira’s Hips to Take a Well Earned Rest?

Columbian-born, Latin sensation, Shakira, has revealed that she is to take a break from her demanding career.

The thirty year old singer told an interviewer of her plans to take a few years out to indulge in hobbies such as sculpturing and gardening.

She also hints that perhaps she’s thinking of her future ahead with fiancé Antonio De La Rua, and the prospect of children.

South America seldom delivers pop super-stars capable of delivering the full entertainment package; until now.

Shakira welcomed fame in her native Latin America years before she stamped the Colombian flag on the British and American market. Her live act is laced with the Arabic and Latin influences inherited from her Lebanese father and Colombian mother.

Submerged in a stale pop-scene, her Style stands alone, unique and fresh due to the belief she places in her own music.

The years spent building credibility have gone largely un-noticed. Refusal to conform to the popular norm like most, Shakira has gradually made pop-music fit to her style; a highly commendable feat.

Oozing enthusiasm and bursting with talent, there’s no surprise that every artist is desperate for a chance to work with her.

Cultural barriers have been smashed by her enormous voice and delicate frame, accomplishing the most difficult task that music has to offer; establishing a global fanbase.

Notorious for her belly shaking, tummy rolls and hip-popping moves, she has been in the music business since she was just thirteen years old. With her current world tour reaching it’s end, fans throughout the world are left unsure of what comes next.

If you do take a break, Shakira, give those truthful hips a well earned rest. (But don’t stay away for too long!)

M. Smith


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