Sad Song "Careless Whispers" Review

My collection of music is an assortment of love songs, sad songs, pop songs, dance hits, remixes and so on; you name it you got it here in my jukebox. Among the many sad songs that I have on my favorites, Careless Whispers by WHAM! is the most heart-touching number of all.

This song is among the major hits from the 80’s and it still the most-liked song by music lovers across the globe. Composition of the song is dominated by a mesmerizing Saxophone tune combined with subtle drum beats. Careless Whispers as the title would suggest refers to words spoken but not kept by a friend or lover; it is their promises of sincerity and truthfulness. Whenever I play this song I cannot help but listen to it over and over again. The music simply takes me into deep reams of emotion and passion. The song video featuring George Michael shows his passionate love relationship and then how he cheated her which made her leave him. The song is then sung in realization and guilt of losing a friend or a lover’s trust in them. It is a time when the lover or friend is gone and the singer has pain and regret in his voice, yearning for their lost love.

As a child the music of this song always captivated me and as I grew up to understand the lyrics of the songs I could so relate it to the emotions. I always used to wonder what careless whispers really meant in the song but I guess time and age teaches all. So I learnt that too. It is indeed a song that makes one gloomy and brings a sense of loneliness and yearning to the heart; a certain nostalgia. This song makes you recall all those heart breaks you have ever had, all the times you have been lied to or cheated by friends or your loved ones. Careless Whispers is rated as the most popular romantic and sad songs across the hit lists and you can find the ratings online too.

This song by WHAM! was one of their major hits ever produced by the band though the song video solely features George Michael in it. Careless Whispers has also been popular as one of the most listened to instrumental songs and that too for all the good reasons. The music gives a certain relaxation and touches the strings of the heart that associate with pain, hurt, love and similar emotions. The more you listen to the music the more you get aware of your feelings and it works best when you are in a depressed mood or are feeling low. The song really works as a therapy so enjoy listening!

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