Piano Hits And Their Composers

Music is one of the most loved pass times and many people all over the world indulge in different genres. Piano hits have over the years remained steady in their popularity and paved way for great fame for the best pianists. With songs which have been popular for more than five decades one has to acknowledge that the keyboard produces some of the best music.

Ray Charles is one of the famous pianists who is famed for songs like I Got A Woman and his rendition of Hoagy Carmichael’s Georgia On My mind which is still the song of Georgia State to date. Ray Charles life history has been documented in the Oscar award winning movie titled Ray in which Jamie Foxx played the lead role.

Billy Joel is well famed for iconic song The Piano Man which put him in the top charts of many countdowns on the music industry. Other songs that made him popular include Uptown Girl, Entertainer and It’s Still Rock ‘n Roll To Me.

Elton John is another famous pianist who is famed for his major songs like Crocodile Rock, Rocket Man and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. He performed his famous song Candle In the Wind at the late Princess Diana’s funeral.

Even though he is blind, Stevie Wonder remains a great inspiration to the world and his famous songs Part Time Lover, My Cherie Amour, Higher Ground and For Once in My Life have endeared him to many fans. Despite his ability to play many instruments his way with the harmonica and the keyboard are believed to be the key to his success.

Jerry Lee Lewis is another famous pianist who is well known for his smashing song Great Balls of Fire which was released at around the time Rock ‘n Roll was being born. His music is still influential in today’s lyrics and music.

Many contemporary musicians have emerged and some great pianists have released great songs. Among major household names include Alicia Keys in the USA whose famous debut into the music scene saw her win five Grammy Awards for her much loved Falling. Jamie Cullum from the UK is also close in tow and her music has been well received in Europe and UK. Pianists have to practice for long hours in order to be better at their talent and release great piano hits. For those who wish to become great pianists there are many schools which offer lessons. Dedication and practice is the key in achieving this dream.

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