Northern European Cruises

Have you ever wanted to cruise to Northern Europe? To visit quaint towns, friendly people and beautiful fjords? Here is some excellent information on cruises to Northern Europe!

Visit Amsterdam on your cruise vacation to get an interesting look at this amazing city, with almost 7000 national monuments, historic buildings, charming streets and world famous cafes. Amsterdam is filled with some of the best museums in the world. The Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt and Anne Frank House offer a look into the city’s rich culture and storied history. The city center is home to Vonelpark, a popular place to view exciting concerts, artistic exhibits and wide ranging amusement. The city also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world with friendly locals and an inviting atmosphere throughout.

Then off to Copenhagen. Spend the day in one of Europe’s most inviting and amicable cities. The capital of Copenhagen offers guests a variety of cultural attractions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Whether it is the national museums, the grand selection of art galleries or the World famous Zoo, Denmark has the allure and sophistication of a much larger city in a much warmer atmosphere. This walking city is home to a multitude of cafés and boutiques as well as an open air street market providing a place for local merchants to offer their wares. Be sure to attend any one of the cities many music festivals and enjoy some local culture among the populace. Denmark’s capital is sophisticated, saucy and friendly. Stroll down to the fairytale world of Tivoli Gardens to take in some bright lights or castles such as the famous Kronberg. See the city’s 200- year-old Royal Palace, or the lively Old Harbor in which Hans Christian Andersen lived. Your cruise ship provides you with spacious staterooms and exceptional service while on your voyage. Enjoy the ships variety of cuisine and bustling nightlife including a casino, nightclub and assortment of lounges sure to please anyone’s taste.

Located at the head of Oslo fjord, Oslo offers majestic scenery around every corner. Considered small compared to other European cities, Oslo occupies an unusually large area of land. The city is surrounded by green hills and mountains and is home to over 343 lakes and 40 islands making it a haven for water activities. The capital of Norway is also home to over 50 museums and attractions including the ever popular open air Vigeland Park, honoring the sculpture that bears its name. Oslo is also home to the Norwegian government and Parliament, as well as the Royal Palace. While touring the city be sure to visit the Akershus Fortress and the Viking and Kon Tiki Museums offering an in depth look at the city’s history.

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