Music of the 50s

The 50s was a period in music that had a major impact on the music industry. The music and the artists that came out of this era still impact how music is created today. The style of the 50s was all over with the introduction of new styles and sounds. The artists are perhaps the greatest thing to come from this era of music. Some of the most influential artists of all time came onto the scene during the 50s. The music of the 50s is something that will never be forgotten and something that changed music forever.


There is no one word that can describe the music of the 50s better than the word revolutionary. It was during this era in music that rock n roll came onto the scene. It was also a time when country music started to become more popular and mainstream. Music styles were combined for the first time to create different styles that had never been heard before.

Blend of country and R&B were heard in a sound that was referred to as rockabilly. Artists were crossing over on the charts with songs that were popular in many genres of music. Artists really started making names for themselves on 50s records. Some of the most influential artists of all time were introduced through the music of the 50s.

Popular Bands and Artists

Top artists during the 50s included legends like Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley. Names like Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Hank Williams became well known. The artists of the 50s are artists that didn’t just come and go with the era. These are artists that have forever changed music.

Elvis Presley made waves during this era with his rock n roll style that had girls going crazy and parents protesting. He changed his style often and kept people wondering what he would do next. He was a major celebrity figure and someone who took music beyond where it ever had been before. He became the king of rock n roll and became one of music’s greatest artists.

Johnny Cash become legendary during this time. His tales of personal woes, heartaches and real life stories made for some amazing music. He really became one of the leaders of country music and is considered to this day to be one of the greatest country artists of all time.

It seems all the artists that came out of the music of the 50s had some influence. Artists were no longer just making music, but they were changing the whole industry. The artists of this time were ground breaking and set the stage for the artists of the future.


There is no doubt that the music of the 50s impacted the music we hear today. If it wasn’t for all the changes, inventions and revolutions of the 50s who knows what music would be like now. This era proved that doing something different could end up producing something amazing. That is why 50s records are still heard today and why the artists and music of this era still are popular.

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