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There was a time when the bride and groom were the entertainment for a wedding, but those days have long since passed. Every bride pictures her wedding as an event, and no matter how big your event, you'll want to celebrate with great and memorable wedding music.

Of course, the venue, season, and wedding gown are important, but music sets the tone of the day. Make your wedding music selections first!

Even in the historic elopement of Bridget Jones, the bride kept playing "Love Me Tender" over and over in her head for months after the wedding, because it was the song on the radio when she and her groom arrived at the scene of their wedding .

While you could stop with an Elvis lookalike signing "Love Me Tender" with a guitar solo on your wedding day, and your day would be complete … Wouldn't you rather have a selection of tunes to remember in the many years after the wedding day?

Wedding Cover Bands offer a large assortment of popular wedding tunes, either selected by you, or selected by the band with your wedding theme in mind. Their variety show can be complete with both male and female singers performing top-quality covers of your favorite music selections.

Swing Bands offer noteworthy wedding musical assortments from an era or theme, inspiring wedding guests to remember their own romantic events. Perhaps the band could perform selections your parents danced to at their wedding, setting the stage for an elegant Father-Daughter Dance number that will bring back memories for decades to come.

Jazz artists and Big Band combination might inspire your Aunt Judy and Uncle Tom to do their rendition of tap dancing offering a startling and memorable video to watch on every anniversary. Or perhaps you'd rather celebrate with a selection of romantic waltz tunes in memory of your first moonlit night together?

Whatever your theme and wedding style, making those all-important musical selections and decisions before you start planning your wedding can determine the most memorable outcome. Plan early for the best music selections, and to make sure your dance band is available on your wedding day.

Just a few recommendations for the people you want in your corner as you plan this happy event:

  • An event planner who understands wedding music and the space and sound requirements for a glamorous event.
  • A wedding designer who will help you schedule your planning and wedding preparation for the big day ahead.
  • Your hair dresser and wedding dress designer who will make sure you look your very best for YOUR day.
  • The perfect location with a concierge who understands the importance of having everything happen at the perfect time.
  • A personal barista – because coffee will be your best friend!

Now about that lipstick selection … Have you seen how many colors are available?

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