Joe Manton – Where Bass Knows No Boundaries

Joe Manton, a man where bass knows no boundaries is coming to the Sydney Opera House on November 16, 2013 for a one night only performance with world music artist Mahmood Khan. Joining Joe Manton for this one night event will be Australia's new singing voice, Tamasin Howard. Live music will be provided by such artists as Mike Chin known for fusing the digital with the spiritual and Maharshi Raval Australia's most prominent tabla player. Australia's beating to the rhythms of Shaun Tarring. This reunion concert will be sponsored by isowmail, the world's first personal emailing system.

For those unfamiliar with why this particular concert would be a reunion concert for Joe Manton, Tamasin Howard, Mike Chin, Maharshi Raval, Shaun Tarring and the incredible Mahmood Khan, let's take a small trip into the past. In August, 2011, these six incredibly talented musicians all appeared together on the Kerri-anne morning show. Together, as if the song had been written for them as a whole, they played Mahmood Khan's 2007 hit "Like the River" together. Now, once again, two years later, they are to be reunited again to work their magic on an audience of young and old.

Joe Manton has been playing bass for more than fourteen years, but has been immersed in the world of music for more than sixteen years professionally as a musician. He has been composing music for more than fourteen years as well. Joe has also spent more than twelve years teaching bass guitar, as well as classical and electric guitar, piano, not to mention composition, musicianship and music theory. It seems that Joe Manton has a talent not only for music and composition, but also a love of teaching and sharing his love of music with others by teaching music with students of many ages which is demonstrated by his style of teaching.

He encourages his students to perform at an end of term concert for invited friends, family and their student peers, which will help not only increase their confidence in performing in front of an audience, but also be able to show off their talents and skills that Joe has helped them to hone. Joe also offers to his students a chance to record a keepsake CD recording of their own talent, which not many teachers are able to offer, as Joe does have the equipment available in his studio. This along with educational textbooks, quite a significant amount of listen-able music that he uses for teaching purposes and some audio / visual material as well.

To Joe Manton's credit, he has also been the winner of the Alan Zavod Jazz / Classical fusion award in 2008. He had First Class honors and a distinctive average when he got his Bachelor of Music Composition degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and he is soon to complete his Masters of Music Composition.

Joe's love and passion for music from composition to education to performance really makes him one of a kind, not only as a performer, but as a teacher as well.

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