Famous Asian Guitar Players

Well, we all know that playing a guitar has no boundary. All over the world and from all walks of life, special people developed a certain craft on playing a guitar. In Asia, there are so many talented guitar players who are yet to crack the Western music industry. But that doesn't mean they are less talented than their Western counterparts. From China, India, Japan and Middle East hundreds of guitar players are devoting their love for guitar playing; which they did an amazing job of doing so. In no particular order, here are some of the most prominent guitar players in Asia.

Kazuhito Yamashita
He is a classical guitar musician lauded for his unique technique and expression. He became famous back in the 1980's when he performed solos on such pieces as Musorgsky's Pictures, Stravinsky's Fire-bird Suite and Dvorak's New World Symphony. Armed with his Ramirez guitar, he won prestigious international awards particularly in Spain, Italy and France. A guitar prodigy, he won his first award at age seven when he competed on the Kyushu Guitar Competition. He also worked with several chamber music ensembles and internationally known artists. He received the National Arts Festival Grand Prize from the Japanese Government Agency for Cultural Affairs for his recording, "Japanese Guitar Music 1923-1948".

Fareed Haque
He is a world-renowned classical and jazz fusion guitar legend. Coming from a Pakistani-Chilean descent, he rose to fame by putting a lot of ethnic, classical and jazz flavor on his collaborations. He performed with world-renowned artists such as Sting, Medeski, Edo Castro, Tito Puente and Kahil el Zabar among others. He is currently teaching Jazz and Classical guitar at Northern Illinois University.

John Myung
He is known as the bassist for progressive rock band Dream Theater. He grew up listening to classical music. He took up violin lessons at age 5. At fifteen he joined a local band and was asked to play the bass guitar and the rest is history. He is considered to be the best technical bass guitar player with high proficiency in a playing technique called "tapping". He is also a proficient user of Chapman Stick. He likes to use bass effects such as overdrive, distortion and harmonizer to further accentuate his playing style.

Kazumi Watanabe
A native of Tokyo, Japan, he is a world-renowned Jazz fusion guitarist known for combining different techniques and emotion to every note he plays. He is famous for his signature "Kazumi Sound". He started playing the piano at age 7 before switching to guitars at age 12 after being inspired by the Ventures. In 1979, he and other up-and-coming Japanese music stars formed KYLYN. It became a legendary band that made a huge influence to future Japanese musical icons.

Asia and the rest of the world have embraced guitar and made the best out of it. These guitar legends put Asia in the global guitar scene with their endearing performances, strong dedication to improve and most of all a relentless pursuit to creativity.

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