Easy Piano Collection For Students

Easy piano collection is a great way for a student pianist to be motivated to learning to play the piano. This is a collection of songs that are much simpler to play than the sheet music of the same song. They have been simplified, yet still have the same tune as the songs of the artists.

For example, a student wanting to play church music could find a collection of simplified hymns. They allow the student to learn the hymns at a slower speed and with fewer notes than the traditional hymn, but still have the same melody.

Easy piano collections may also include songs like The Beatles, Elton John, Coldplay and more of the current artists that the student enjoys listening to with their friends. Since the student already knows how the music should sound they learn quickly. They gain confidence to play in front of friends and families and the songs are easily recognizable.

Look for these collections online and in stores. You may be able to find them locally.

After mastering the simplified version of a song, the student can then graduate to the actual sheet music for the song from the movie score or other source. They can then add in the additional notes to give the song the full body that the original artist intended. This allows a player to move toward becoming a skilled piano player.

The simplified collections are available in several different music genera. You will find classical, jazz, country and rock to name a few. There should be a collection that is perfect for your own style.

These collections include many of the students favorite songs and not just the teaching method songs. Many students complain that they only hear those method songs during piano lessons. These collections are great for adults beginning to play. Be sure to find one today.

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