Do You Pole Dance For Fitness? Here’s 6 Activities That Are Perfect For Pole Dance Cross-Training

Pole dancing for fitness is a great hobby in and of itself, but what if you want to supplement your dancing with another potential interest? There are tons of activities you can do that work well with the sport, each with a different emphasis, depending on what aspects of pole dancing for exercise you enjoy. Here are some awesome ideas for pole dance cross-training activities based on your specific interests and needs.

1. Belly Dancing

If your main interest in being soft, feminine, and sensual, try out belly dancing. It’s a dance known for its celebration of the female body and you will learn tons of ways to move your hips that you can use on the dance floor when you’re not spinning around the pole.

2. Lap Dance, Chair Dance, or Strip Tease

If you love the sheer thrill of being utterly and magnetically sexy, check out lap dance, chair dance or striptease classes. You’ll really get to release your inner vixen, and chair dance classes can be an intense workout if you’re looking for that too.

3. Yoga or Pilates

If you want to build up flexibility and amazing body strength, try a yoga or pilates class. They’re a great addition to your repertoire, as your body will become more limber with regular practice, as well as more strong and toned.

4. Aerial Sports

For those of you that love sheer daring – the many combo spins, climbs, and holds that you can do on the pole, try something like gymnastics or another aerial artform like aerial hoop or tissue dance. It’s fun and requires an amazing amount of strength and coordination, plus you get the thrill of flying through the air.

5. Ballet or Modern Dance

For the dancing aspect, that also combines flexibility and beauty, you can’t go wrong with an old dance standby like ballet, or even modern dance. You’ll learn grace, coordination, proper dance form, and the added practice will add a creativity, beauty and flow to your pole routines that you never knew you had. Practicing different dance forms will teach you how to add depth and emotion to your pole dancing and will definitely help with your musicality. After all, pole is more than just some fancy tricks – it’s a dance too!

6. Aerobic Sports

It’s always great to supplement any exercise routine with some cardio. For a cardio workout that builds up leg strength (which is absolutely necessary for climbing well), look into spinning or the old standby – running. You can also try a sport like tennis or swimming that gives a full body workout while building up your muscles. The added stamina and muscle strength from playing these sports will no doubt help your performances.

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