Can You Really Make Good Money As a Music Producer Today in 2014?

Let's be honest today in 2014 there are thousands of music producers online all working towards the same common goal. To make money and possibly even a living off being creative and selling their beats. You may be a very DOPE producer but here's the reality of it. It's too many wannabe producers in the market downloading free beat software and making beats in their spare time. It's a lot of producers that just do it for the hell of it and aren't really taking it seriously. You need set yourself apart. How do you do that? By taking yourself and your business more serious. So the question is can you make good money today as a music producer in 2014 and I'm telling you that you definitely CAN. It's actually one of the easiest things you can do. All it requires is diligence, consistency, and I would say hard work but making beats is not hard work lol. I've started taking my production business seriously within this past year and I were generating a nice source of income from it. Here are a couple things that put me on the right track to making some good money as a producer.

This is a common debate amongst the producer community. If you looked this up on Google or YouTube you're going to get all kinds of opinions. Really it all depends on you and what works for you. Some producers prefer soundclick because how easy it is, some prefer using a personal site because they don't want to be on soundclick where there's like a million other producers. Things to definitely take into consideration are the cost, how easy it is for the customers, and how you can utilize that platform to bring you qualified traffic. Soundclick has a very simple easy platform. You pretty much just sign up, upgrade to a VIP account for 10 $ and start uploading beats and people can buy and download. A personal site can also serve the same purpose. You can easily build a website for cheap and sign up for what is called myflashstore and upload your beats on there. Whatever you choose just remember that both methods have their own pros and cons. Soundclick kind of has built in traffic because a lot of rappers go on that site to buy beats anyway BUT what will make them choose to shop with you over a million other producers on that platform. A personal website can be very lucrative BUT how will you drive that traffic to your site. Whatever you choose just get a strategy down packed and once you see income being generated from it learn to monetize it and make it better so you can make even more money. One hot tip that you can do that I do myself is create both. Have a soundclick and a personal website it couldn't hurt.

Instead making an abundance of mediocre beats, take your time and make a lot of QUALITY HOT BEATS. Some producers think the more beats on your site the better which is partially the case but think about it if you're leasing your beats (they can be leased multiple times to different artist) why not have the best of the best? Not only does it increase your chances of getting a sale but it also is good marketing. People will tell people "hey this guy has some dope beats you should go check them out." Its word of mouth which is the strongest form of marketing EVER. So if you have 10 dope beats compared to 100 mediocre beats you're going to have a better chance of making more money because people will enjoy your music. Not only that but they'll continue to come back because they're going to be anticipating man I wonder what other kind of hot beats he / she is going to put up. So take your time make a hot beat, make sure it's mixed well, put your tag in there and put it out. Remember quality of quantity.

So how do you stand out and actually get people to come shop at your beat store? Think about it like this, what if you were able to get inside the mind of recording artist. Do you think you'd be able to sell beats? I hope the answer is yes. I have a couple strategies that I use to do just that. One is visiting forums; See what they're talking about. See what problems they're facing and think about how you can accommodate those needs. Go to yahoo answers type a question that an artist would ask. Hell you can even stalk there social networks. The main idea here is getting inside the minds of your consumers to see what it is they're looking for and WHERE they're looking. YouTube is MUST when getting out there and marketing yourself and attracting recording artist to buy your beats. One thing I found to work is what you call the law of reciprocation. The law states that when you give something to a person they feel obligated to give you something back in exchange of greater or equal value. So how did I apply that to my business? Simple, I uploaded free beat downloads every now and then on YouTube. All you're doing here is uploading a beat (it doesn't have to be the best beat you made) and putting a link in the description for people to download it. It's very important that when you do upload ANYTHING on YouTube ALWAYS leave a link in the description to your site and your social networks as well. You do this and I GUARANTEE you that you will get more traffic to your site (s) social networks etc … Another little side note don't be afraid to charge what you feel your beats are worth. I've seen a guy selling beats on twitter 6 beats for 10 $. Like come on really dude. Remember you're the producer and rappers NEED you or else it wouldn't be any rappers so don't be afraid to charge your worth especially if you work hard on your craft.

As you work towards building your business selling beats a lot of people are going to get in your head. You will hear people telling you that it can't be done nowadays because today over saturated market. Some people will tell you you're foolish to chase this false dream. But I'm telling you to never listen to the outside B ****** t. As cliche as it might sound you got to believe in yourself NO MATTER WHAT. Trust in yourself, have faith and constantly look for new answers. If something is not to your liking or if something is not working find out why and go and fix it. Don't leave your happiness in the hands of someone else who was too scared or didn't have enough ambition to chase their own dreams. Do what you gotta do to prove the doubters wrong.

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