Best Beginner Basses

Looking on the outside it may seem as learning the bass can be extremely expensive. First off you have to by the physical bass guitar, then an amp, cables, picks, strings, potentially lessons, case, etc. However, if you do a little research you can find a few great values for beginners basses.

1) Squire P-Bass Pack

Squire at one point in time stood as its own instrument company, but for quite some time they have been owned by Fender and marketed as a budget friendly and entry level guitar.

The Squire P-Bass pack not only includes a well made Squire bass designed around the same features as a classic Fender Precision Bass, it also has an amp, cable, strings, and picks. For $300 bucks the Squire pack is a great option that is easy on the wallet.

2) Ibanez GSR200

The Ibanez GSR200 is one of the most renounced beginner bass options. For $200 it offers superb tone and great playability. Many cheaper basses and guitars come with the action set extremely high and the intonation out of whack. This can be discouraging to the player, because if he uses correct technique, the sound may still be off.

The high action can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the player’s hands. For the Ibanez, out of the box it offers low action and well shaped mid sized neck offering superior comfort compared to other basses in this price range.

3) Yamaha RBX374

As the third bass guitar on the list, this is the first to offer an active pickup system. The Yamaha carries along the same quality of playability as the Ibanez, however with its added active pickup and eq system it adds a whole new dynamic to the player.

He or she can access more sounds and tones than the other two options, however it has a heftier price tag. Coming in at $279, the Yamaha RBX374 is a great beginner option if you have a few more dollars and are looking for a bass that can get some crazy sounds.

So that about sums it up. The beginner bass market isn’t the biggest out there, due to more young students choosing in favor of the guitar. This however makes your decision on what bass to buy even easier. If you are looking for the best value for your money, Squire is the brand you want.

Want a little more quality and can sacrifice the included goodies Squire offers, then Ibanez is what you want. Want a bass that offers great quality with some exciting features, then the Yamaha is for you. Remember, always play an instrument before you buy if possible. Players create a personal connection with their instrument, so finding the best one is key.

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