Benefits of Music Licensing

Musicians of jazz, rock and roll, folk, classical you name it all need to know that music licensing their songs is very important It is decisive for a musician to maintain his civil liberties, and that means licensing and copyrighting his work properly because this could mean big bucks for them if they wrote a particular successful song and someone wants to license it from them.

There is this friend of mine who was a typically qualified violinist. Though he rarely composed songs, he decided to enter a contest to compose a hit new piece of music for a commercial for a popular fast food chain which shall remain nameless. He later realized that he had been robbed although he got an award of $ 500 when he won as a bandit.

He hadn't licensed his music, and so when the company sold the rights to another fast food company, and then to a movie for a soundtrack, he realized that he wouldn't even obtain any payment because he had no evidence to show that the song was rightfully his. The license now belonged to the business which had held the competition.

Consumers of music tend to practice illegal tricks such as making a mix CD, trading music both in being and over the internet and many other activities. They should be acquainted with the dire consequences if they get caught by music licensing companies.

Songs put up on websites by music licensing companies are actually nothing but noise. This is a way that music licensing companies use so as to waste time for those who are downloading songs illegally. However unknown bands and musicians use the internet to be discovered by new fans, sometimes even musicians use this method. Both of them gain a lot by trading licensed songs.

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