4 Special Traits Super Producers Use in Their Beat Software

Super producers like Timberland and Swizz Beatz have all have some things in common in capitalizing off of beat software. Even the “ghost” producers the common hip hop fan have never heard about corporate these same characteristics in their inner core. This article will reveal these 4 special traits you need to apply as a beatmaker to achieve super producer status.

Always be aware of the latest trends. Knowing who’s in the top of the charts; what sounds, style, tempo, they are using; and why this is a hit, gives you an edge over those who don’t. Study the hit records with a passion, remake the beat to your type of style, this will only better your original compositions that you create. Studying music like this will not only allow you to become more open minded about your creations, but it will open up a lot more doors for you when you’re searching for opportunities to use your beats. There will always be placement opportunities in film and tv companies looking to place great beats in their movies and tv shows.

Being there ample placement opportunities, super producers have faith in their abilities and understand that there is no competition when it comes to success in this industry. I kinda think of Loso’s EP it feels good to wake up look in the mirror and the only competition’s you. Other beatmakers should feed your inspiration! When you hear other beatmakers material, critical comparisons are encouraged without any negative discouragement affecting your beatgame.

These first 2 special traits fall into trait number 3; having industry ready material. No matter what specific sub-genre you’re personally into as a producer, you got in the game to get it crackin. To make Big residuals you have to have your beats on the radio. This means that you need to have mainstream material on deck along with other experimental styles in your portfolio. Following the previous steps has developed habits of a super producer who already are making these type of arrangements. These habits will improve your arrangements to easily construct what the masses want to hear and get you paid.

The final special trait of a super producer is to always be improving. Every beat you should be creating should feel better than the previous one. Sure you will always have favorites that you like the most; but in time that favorite list will end up being you whole portfolio.

Always improving means continuous education. This will improve your sound selection, overall beat arrangements and your Mixing skills.

Following these fundamentals of a super producer will definitely heighten your success in the music industry. As long as you have the passion and desire for what you do, you can conquer this game using any beat software, midi keyboard, or controller.

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